Brand Story

Who we are

We are fashion designers, engineers and problem solvers.

“This is the challenge that excites us: How can we create safety shoes that are comfortable and fashionable”

During a chance visit to a factory, as I was wearing safety shoes, I could not help but remark: They are so difficult to wear! After some enquiries I learned that safety shoes – because they take into account work safety considerations – have to come with additional protective measures. These required measures often cause the shoes to be uncomfortable and the design possibilities to be limited. Feet are like mankind’s second heart. If we wear uncomfortable safety shoes at work for long hours, it will affect our physical and mental health.

We hope to create more possibilities for safety shoes – through our rigorous engineering capabilities and professional knowledge in biomechanics. When we design safety shoes with a view to improving functionality and comfort and reducing pressure on the foot, it not only reduces the stress with every step taken in the safety shoes, it also enhances safety. Besides improving functionality, we also work hard to make safety shoes that are in line with fashion trends. Safety shoes should not be a burden that you can’t wait to get rid off when your work day ends. They should be like fashionable shoes that can be worn in many different settings.

Apart from being passionate about creating a good product, we also insist on protecting the environment and ensuring sustainability. We strive to do well in the basics, improve the production process, reduce waste in materials, incorporate environmental protectionism into both production and the choice of materials – so as to reduce the impact on the environment.

We believe that Perfit safety shoes can reduce the burden of the hardworking worker and of the world – one step at a time. Just like our promise: Perfit – Perfect for your fit. To those who face a difficult work environment every day, Perfit safety shoes seek to offer the most reliable, comfortable and fashionable option.

Spirit of the Brand

What we stand for

“We believe how much a company persists in its principles determines its altitude and vantage point.” PERFIT abides by 4 major principles and brings exceptional value to consumers.

Functionality oriented

Using design thinking and putting people at the centre of what we do, we delve deeply into how we can make safety shoes with more practical and useful functionalities, so as to help consumers experience safety shoes at a whole new level.



Through ergonomics, we assimilate the most natural and harmonious way of walking into the design of the shoe sold, so as to reduce the weariness from long periods of work and to improve work productivity.



We agree with Keats when he says: A thing of beauty is a joy forever. We strive to assimilate fashion trends into safety shoes, so safety shoes are not merely something you need for work, but can be a symbol of beauty as well.

Environmental Protection

We only have one earth. We contribute what we can towards reducing the the burden on the environment by improving the production process and using environmental-friendly materials.

The brand story of PERFIT

“Action, and only action, can determine value”

——Johann Fichte

Shco introduction

To put the spirit of our brand into practice, we partnered with Shco to research and develop a new generation of safety shoes. Shco has 35 years of experience in the shoe business, and it incorporated its beliefs on the future of the shoe industry into the spirit of the PERFIT brand.

Shco is short for Shoes Company. It seeks to expand its brand as well as its new production and business model.

Smart production

While automation, the internet of things and Industry 4.0 have changed the production model in many industries, the shoe production business of today is still heavily reliant on cheap labour for production. The Shco team has moved on from the traditional model of using large-quantity production frameworks. It has invested in R&D for advanced automation techniques and 3D printing, forming the upper surface of the shoe and its sole as one cohesive unit and moving towards a digital production system and the digitisation of its business model.

Human Biomechanics

Feet form the foundation of man. Only with a pair of fitting shoes can we take every step firmly and steadily and walk more healthily. Using human biomechanics, we have studied the dynamic model of human steps, and have incorporated biomechanics into the R&D of shoe design and shoe materials. Shco works hard to ensure its shoes are not just a fashion product, but can also meet the health and comfort demands of each consumer, and provide them with the best solution.

Circular Economy

In 2015, the annual global consumption of shoes reached 25 billion pairs. Yet, only 5% of shoes can be partially recycled. To ensure sustainability for our planet, the shoe industry has to move away from linear growth towards a circular economy. Using smart manufacturing, Shco has fundamentally changed its design thinking so as to reduce its carbon footprint and increase the use of environmentally friendly materials, creating a greener business model for the shoe industry.

Optimized Customization

Each individual’s feet are unique. We believe that the most comfortable pair of shoes is one that is tailor-made for the customer. We offer customers full feet scans in both static and dynamic states in order to build a complete digital database of their feet shape. In accordance with biomechanics research, we build the most healthy and functional pair of shoes for the customer, combining the latest technology in digital production, 3D printing and material science.