Due to its superior mechanical and chemical properties, polyurethane has been broadly applied to safety shoe soles. However, the fast exothermic foaming reaction of polyurethane has challenged manufacturers to maintain production consistency and product quality.
We have developed a next-generation polyurethane soling technology utilizing digitalization to precisely control the mixing of components and its reaction pathways. In additions to machinery digitalization, we have pioneered in multi section soling techniques ensuring the most consistent foaming quality.


PERFIT has dispelled the myth of traditional labor-intensive footwear manufacturing ,and developed an in-house intelligent production system. We incorporate robotic arms to replace laborious processes, and implement Internet-of-Things to assist production management. Our intelligent production system minimizes the human errors, and maximizes production quality and consistency. Our pursuit of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies is originated from our passion of providing the utmost customer experience.


PERFIT insists to be on the frontier of materials research. We collaborate with BASF, a world-class chemical giant, to develop and promote performance materials that are ideal for safety shoes. We use polyurethane-based materials from BASF to provide customers the best safety shoe solutions for weight-reduction, mechanical-strengthening, chemical-resistance and anti-static.